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Innuendo Improves Everything!

Yet Another Mad Ficcer
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Like to write or read Torchwood fanfic? Got a plot bunny available for adoption? Looking for a beta reader for your fic? Then this is your place. Your humble mod is fangrrl_squees

More in-depth explanations to follow, soon, but, in-short, Please pay heed to the "Three Ps (and a T)"

It should go without saying but, just in case it doesn't: this community is concerned with Torchwood fanfic only. Furthermore, you do NOT have to write fic to be a member of this community. This is a place to unleash plot bunnies and offer your help as a beta reader, as well as for writers and fans of fic.

Please visit Master List of Prompts And How To Format Them. If you use a prompt, I ask that you leave at least one prompt (more if you like!) in a comment to the master entry. It's like "Take a penny, leave a penny". The Master Prompt List will be updated once a week - you won't need to trawl through the comments to find them all. Major thankyous to the brains behind greys_prompts, from whom I've stolen this arrangement. It's a good one, I like it.

There is a chance that I might make a post once a week of some particularly juicy prompts that have been left on the thread. Time will tell.

There are a lot of TW-fic communities at which you may pimp your finished fic. Because of that, I ask that if you want to pimp some TW-fic, please only pimp pieces that were inspired by a prompt you found on this community. Please use the following format when posting:

Title: The title of your piece, if any.
Pairing: if any.
Rating: PG/R/NC-17 and why (language, violence, naughtiness)
Prompt: The prompt that inspired the piece. No prompt, no postie, and the mod will get mad at you. You won't like her when she's mad.
Summary: A brief summary of the piece.
Cut tag to the fic. Cut tags are very simple. Use the following bit of code: <lj-cut text="This is a cut tag"> Where you want to 'cut' to the body of your story, and replace "This is a cut tag" with whatever teaser text is appropriate.

The list of suggested tags is here. Tagging is not mandatory, but it is polite. It makes it easier for a reader to find a preferred character or theme.

Given the nature of plot bunnies, I won't create a dedicated page just for them. Let's unleash them across the community and let them roam free, wiggling their cute little noses and nibbling on our brains as they please.

If you're looking for a beta reader for your Torchwood fic, feel free to post your request and don't forget to include a summary of the type of story that you've written, and the sort of feedback you crave (grammar, plausibility of plot, character vox, etc)

The Stuff that Should Be Common Sense
- Spell check your fic before sharing it.
- After spell check, do a grammar check.
- After the spell check and the grammar check, do a layout check. Big blocks of text without paragraph breaks are impossible to read.
- Always use a cut tag for ALL fic <lj-cut text="This is a cut tag">
- Play nice with each other. I define what qualifies as "nice".

Failure to follow these guidelines - or at least give it the old college try - will result in a warning on the first offence and banishment from the community on the second.

Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.