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Innuendo Improves Everything!
21.Jan.07 [07:24] - High-school and Torchwood...
'Allo Wormy
I've just had a VERY scary thought!Collapse )

I'm very sorry about this, but I want the plot-bunny gone NOW, damnit!...cross-posted to torch_wood, torchwoodslash, jackxianto and torchwoodprompt
08.Jan.07 [23:36] - A Cry to the Dark for Help!
jeb - tears
fangrrl_squees, feel free to delete this.

I'm having fic issues. Mostly I'm having issues with getting a convoluted fic idea into something that can be written. To that end, I'm looking for someone to talk fic with over im.

Here there be ranting and complaining and spoilers.Collapse )
18.Dec.06 [21:28] - Mod Post: Oooh!
dw home
Thanks to gentilhomme, this community has a spiffed-up layout and a shiny banner and all those little touches that make a place stand out.

So, big huge thankyous to gentilhomme - and check your profile for something a little more tangible than simple gratitude. ;)
15.Dec.06 [12:00] - Friday Fic Prompt
dw home
Hello all.

Sorry if this is a bit late in your time zone, but your lovely maintainer has been in AAAAH! mode at work all week.

So, that said, I've racked my brains for a featured prompt, and here's what I've got for you:

More specifically, pick anyone on the Torchwood crew and get into what really scares the life out of them in a significant, almost primally-rooted way. The cold-sweat nightmares that lead into a twitchy, paranoia-fueled day.

And the significant of same, of course.

You almost got "Jack Harkness singing show tunes" because that's what's been eating my brain this week as per an earlier , but let's veer in the other direction, shall we?
15.Dec.06 [12:31] - Plot Bunny Up for Adoption

One of my friends made a comment recently that created a bunny involving Jack and a lilo. It's doubtful I'll ever get round to writing it and I'd like to see what other people make of it. More details behind the cut (I hope!).

If anyone does write this could you let me know so I can read it?

07.Dec.06 [21:09] - Beta Request
Doctor Who: Rose - Excited
Hey there!

I'm looking for a beta-reader for a Christmas fic for a friend. She isn't a member of this comm... or at least I doubt she is. I'm going to cut this just for safety.

Poulpette if you read this stay away from the cut, I'm not joking!Collapse )

EDIT: Solved. Thanks guys.
dw home
I have a singing plotbunny/ficlet which people are free to mangle play with as they like. Maybe it'll inspire someone to a larger/sillier story.

All-singing, all-dancing plotbunny.

It's all because I listened to John Barrowman covering Cole Porter this morning, and then someone pointed out that he and Naoki Mori were in Miss Saigon together and it just went downhill from there...
08.Dec.06 [06:55] - Friday Fic Prompt!
jb - plot bunny
TGIF, everyone!

For our first week of fic prompts, I have two for you. Play with at your leisure.

The one thing Jack Harkness wouldn't do


An entirely *innocent* explanation of what Jack and Ianto are doing with that stopwatch


As ever, the Prompt List of Dooooom is looking for contributions.
08.Dec.06 [06:52] - Mod Post. Hooray!
dw home
As you lot seem to be smarter than me - not much of a surprise there - we'll start doing fic prompts every Friday, or perhaps even more often, if the muses shout really loud. The first one will be coming up shortly.

Thank you to everyone who's made suggestions about how to prettify the community board. My weekend is looking fairly unbusy so I will endeavor to do some work on it then.

However, my bribe offer of paid LJ-time in exchange for doing that work for me is still good. Also, I'm willing to offer two months of paid LJ-time (which, now until Xmas includes the extra userpic feature) to anyone who'd like to make a banner for the community. I know how to use Photoshop, but damned if I can figure out a graphical representation for "Prompt". :)
06.Dec.06 [17:19] - Mod Post: Speak Up!
dw home
Alrighty, everyone. Check out the community profile as there's a lot of information there.

Beyond that, what would you like to see here? Questions on my mind include:

Would you like some sort of weekly "Featured Prompt" post, or do you prefer just stopping by the Prompt List Of Doom when you feel like it? (EDIT: The Prompt List of Doom will always exist in the community. I'm wondering if you'd like a "Featured Prompt" in addition to it. Apologies for any confusion)

At the moment, I'm limiting fic-pimping to allow ONLY fic inspired by prompts or bunnies from this community, as there are plenty of places for TW-fic in general. Is that too limiting, or not limiting enough? For example, some fic comms only allow fic-pimping on certain days.

Are you comfortable with unmoderated posting. Frankly, I'd rather not have to vet every single post if I can avoid it.

What rules or guidelines have I missed in the profile? (I know I forgot to put something in about spellchecker and readable formatting, I'll get to that shortly)

Incidentally, I'm not nearly as deft at setting up flashy community layouts like the dudes over at torch_wood and such. If anyone would like to volunteer an evening of their time to jazz up this site (yes, I know that means trusting you with a - temporary - password for my account) then I will gladly reward you with six months' paid time for the journal of your choice when the job is done and I'm satisfied. Frankly, the color scheme as it is suits me fine, but I'm rather envious of all of the navigational whatsits that the cooler kids have. ;)

Any other suggestions? I'm listening!
06.Dec.06 [17:10] - Prompts - All Of Them
dw home
Thanks are owed to the geniuses at greys_prompts, as I stole this format from them wholesale.

All prompts should be posted via a comment using your choice of the following formats:

[character or pairing], [place], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: Owen, the board room, bored.
[character or pairing], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: Ianto, painstaking revenge.
[character or pairing], [type/genre of fic], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: Gwen/Rhys, hurt/comfort, discovery.

I will take all prompts, and add them to the list, below, as well as leaving your comment intact. Do not create a new post for a new prompt.

The List O'Prompts - last updated 12/11/06

Detective Swanson, calls in favors owed.
Detective Swanson, when she first heard about Torchwood

Gwen, accused of murder by her former coworkers on the police
Gwen, Cardiff, trying to outrun the rain
Gwen, darkfic, the amnesia drug drives her crazy
Gwen/Owen, romance, Valentine's day
Gwen/Jack/Ianto, the song "stuck in the middle with you"
Gwen, Rhys/Owen, a night out on the town

Ianto, Cardiff, coping with a heatwave
Ianto, prequel, his role at Canary Wharf - and it wasn't as a secretary...
Ianto, prequel, driving lessons

Jack, at the Hub, with an erratically functioning time-machine
Jack, the one thing he wouldn't do
Jack, Cardiff, looking at the stars
Jack, comedy, his first meeting with Harriet Jones
Jack, prequel, a job he held before joining Torchwood
Jack, prequel, how did he become the 'go to guy' for torture?
Jack, London, meets the Tenth Doctor - and has no clue who he is
Jack, London, how he acquired the hand.
Jack/Ianto, the inevitable breakup
Jack/Ianto, what they were doing while Toshiko and Owen were enjoying the mistletoe.
Jack/Ianto, strip chess
Jack/Ianto and the entirely innocent reason why they're so keen on stopwatches
Jack, prequel, the first time Jack realized he really, really can't die.

Lisa, not quite as dead as previously assumed

Myfanwy, sillyfic, the first time the team ordered BBQ takeout
Myfanwy, prequel, which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Owen, PWP, the office bike
Owen, sillyfic, stuck in the mud
Owen, why he really hates camping (as mentioned in 1x06)

Rhys, saves the day - without getting his heart broken.
Rhys, staring at the street.

Suzie, prequel, the circumstances behind the elaborate plan that came to fruition in 1x08 (They Keep Killing...)
Suzie/Owen, prequel, what they saw in each other
Suzie, darkfic, what was on her mind between Everything Changes and They Keep Killing

Team, Christmas gift exchange
Team, booze, truth or dare (or "I never...")
Team, darkfic, something no-one wants
Team, darkfic, insanity
Team, silyfic, passing the time during lockdown mode
Team, sillyfic, the SUV has broken down in the back of beyond

Toshiko/Owen, sillyfic, the mistletoe mentioned in 1x06
Toshiko, comes out to the team
Toshiko, drabble, the ocean at night
Toshiko, drabble, honor


06.Dec.06 [17:03] - Tags! Tags! Who Needs a Tag!
dw home
The mod suggests that you use any of the tags listed below, as apt.

If you want to suggest a tag, please do. It might well be needed, in which case, it'll be added to the list.

I'm keeping the format short deliberately. Howl if you hate it.

slash - technically not a genre, I know, but I want us to use a tag for it as some readers seek it out specifically - and others want to avoid it.
ficlet - for the pieces too long to be drabbles, too short to be entire stories.

Prequel (pre-season one)
AU (alternate universe)

Honestly, given the behavior of the characters on the show, creating pairing/shipping tags could be a labor of Tantalus. Please just use the name of all characters involved and the tag shippy and we'll get the gist.

xover Doctor Who
xover UNIT
xover XFiles

plotbunny - to be used when you're sharing a plot bunny, of course
beta - when creating a post seeking a beta
zombie plotbunny - a specialized tag for ranting/unleashing those zombie plotbunnies of doooom that keep coming back from the dead.
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