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Innuendo Improves Everything!
Friday Fic Prompt 
15.Dec.06 [12:00]
dw home
Hello all.

Sorry if this is a bit late in your time zone, but your lovely maintainer has been in AAAAH! mode at work all week.

So, that said, I've racked my brains for a featured prompt, and here's what I've got for you:

More specifically, pick anyone on the Torchwood crew and get into what really scares the life out of them in a significant, almost primally-rooted way. The cold-sweat nightmares that lead into a twitchy, paranoia-fueled day.

And the significant of same, of course.

You almost got "Jack Harkness singing show tunes" because that's what's been eating my brain this week as per an earlier , but let's veer in the other direction, shall we?
16.Dec.06 [21:25] (UTC)
Hm.... I might try this. Maybe.
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